Dear non-StarKid followers,

I would like to apologize in advance for the overload of StarKid and AVPSY (A Very Potter Senior Year) that will be on my blog in the coming days and weeks. I just can’t help it, it’s the overexcited StarKid in me that is running this blog right now.

And if you get bored or annoyed by the overload of StarKid on your dash, think how you would feel if

  • You’re a Sherlockian and season 3 would finally be released
  • You’re a Potterhead and JK Rowling decided to write another book about the wizarding world
  • You’re a Klainer and they finally get back together
  • You’re a Whovian and Steven Moffat decided to not turn the Doctor in a dark, probably slightly suicidal, lonely guy who has no interest in life.

Because that, my friends, is what us StarKids are feeling right now. So don’t be annoyed, bear with us, cause we have been anticipating this for a long time. And don’t worry, this too will pass.

Please and Thank You!

Love always,


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